We recognize that sometimes building a better you takes every last ounce of the old you. The journey itself is not a competition against those around you, but a personal challenge to be the best you can be.

And this is why we’ve created the most effective products in the industry to supplement that hard work, determination, and drive. Like you, we believe that we are all built, not born.


Since 1983 the Animal brand has been pushing sports nutrition forward, supplying athletes with the nutrition they need to fuel their goals.

Today we continue to help you reach your optimal health, body, and fitness goals. We aim to inform, to inspire, and to make your extraordinary goals attainable. Your passion and hard work are our fuel. Our goal is to make your passion and hard work, work harder for you.


Our quality is shown in the lab as well as the gym. Our formulations are backed by science and proven by third-party lab testing in pharmaceutical grade facilities. Animal products are produced in our GMP certified facility, right here in the USA, and held to the highest quality, safety, and potency standards.

There’s a reason why athletes have trusted us for so long – we are committed to crafting pure and potent formulas that work in harmony, delivering consistent results every time.